Sunday, November 18, 2012

Top 10 Week 11 NFL Ad Questions

Get Urlacher a bra already
10) Doesn't Brian Urlacher have something better to do with his free time than look constipated at DirecTV personnel?

9) Why does the military label its obstacles in ways that have to further demotivate the recruits?

8) Is the dangerous and stupid stunt work done by Appleby's chefs the reason why they are laying off workers and cutting back hours, rather than paying for health insurance?

7) Why are NFL fans in every jersey color cheering on Drew Brees in his boy band staredown, rather than, well, Saints fans?

6) Given their recent horrific PR episode, is it really wise for Progressive's Flo to be throwing down gangsta style?

5) Do Windows apps inspire anything that's actually even remotely useful, or is it all about just amusing infants?

4) Why would I want a Dodge Ram truck when it seems to cause such horrific damage to the earth?

3) If I use Target for holiday shopping, will I burst into terrible, terrible singing?

2) How does Reckless Driving Santa help to sell cars?

1) Can feeding your pregnant wife Burger King be classified as abusing a fetus?

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