Monday, December 31, 2012

Don't Look Forward

The Future Will Also Hurt
Just in case you can't get the taste of the 2012 Eagles season out of your mouth fast enough... here's the preliminary schedule for 2013.

Home: Dallas, New York, Washington, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland, San Diego, Arizona

Away: Dallas, New York, Washington, Green Bay, Minnesota, Denver, Kansas City and Tampa

Now, I'm not going to predict wins and losses right now (6-10, tops), because that's crazy on all kinds of levels.

Rather, I'm going to pule about one specific point: there isn't a single road game here that's, well, appealing from a pure travel standpoint.

I try to take the Shooter Mom to an out of town game once a year for her birthday present. We try to pick fun places to go to in case the team loses; so far, we are 2-2 on road games (wins in St. Louis and Cleveland, losses in Green Bay and Chicago).

So of the eight possible scenarios... I have no desire to see a division game, because let's face it, there's no reason to be around people who root for those teams for love or money. That's just the way of it, really. I've also been to Green Bay already and don't really want to travel 1,000 miles to see my team lose by 30 points, or go to a warehouse in Minnesota to hear horns go off for hours on end. Denver's a lovely city with a nice and busy airport, but that team wins every game at home even when they aren't loaded, thanks to the altitude. It's one thing if they are running a Tebow out there, but traveling to see Peyton Manning commit surgery on your team seems masochistic at best.

Which leads us to... Kansas City and Tampa. Now, I've been to Kansas City. It's a nice place to get a steak. Otherwise, the best thing about it is that it's better than the rest of Missouri or Kansas. As for Tampa, well, I suppose it's warm and the team has a chance to win and all, but there's only so much patronizing of Florida that a man can do without realizing that, well, he's spending money, of his own free will, to go to Florida. GAHHH.

Now, a very small point. Couldn't we get a San Diego game in California, where, you know, people actually want to go there? I'd even take a game in Oakland, since I know how to get there, how to avoid the craziest locals, and know the area. Hell, I'd even take Arizona, which is basically Florida with decent Mexican food.

Not exactly a riveting list or teams to go see, and after that year, Not Going is also an option... but Denver has lots of flights and some nice restaurants, Tampa is warm, and Kansas City should be cheap. Shame the away game isn't San Diego.

On the other hand, there's no chance of going to Detroit.

So, well, could be worse...

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