Friday, December 14, 2012

Eagles - Bengals Takeaways

Best with "Yakety Sax" music
> It was nice of Jeremy Maclin to remind us, after last week's heroics, that he's still a profound disap- pointment

> The Bengals got massive gains early from the startling strategy of Run Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis straight ahead

> Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie gambled perfectly, then whiffed on what could have easily been a TaInt

> Mac McBriar punting into his own man was all kinds of special

> Colt Anderson actually broke up a touchdown pass to AJ Green, proving, once again, that no one is going to miss Kurt Coleman

> DeMeco Ryans failed to make a pick on a third and long, because, well, he's an Eagles linebacker

> The downside of Eagles QB Nick Foles getting comfortable with WR Jason Avant is that it might prolong Avant's career here

> The league seems to have caught up with the idea that RB Bryce Brown takes every play to the sidelines

> 3rd and 11 WR screens to tall slow possession guys really don't seem like your best play call for anything but avoiding sacks

> CB Nnamdi Asomugha broke up a play on third down, which we need to note since it happens so infrequently

> Foles proved that you don't need to be a Cagey Veteran to draw a defense offsides

> The pump bubble screen works really well when you have a QB who spent the first few games of his career staring down targets before throwing the ball

> WR Riley Cooper's touchdown was a nice job of catching heat in traffic, a showcase for Foles' big arm, and a victory for non-ironic mullet wearers everywhere

> Just to prove that the punt mistake wasn't an isolated incident, the coverage blew on the subsequent kickoff

> DT Cedric Thornton ate Green-Ellis on one of those plays that didn't make you think you are an idiot to watch this team

> DE Brandon Graham made a great play to force an actual, honest to God takeaway that was recovered by, of all people, DE Trent Cole

> The fake screen screen is a serious problem for a defense that doesn't seem to like thinking very much

> Foles gained four yards in fifteen seconds, and also drew a flag

> This just in: Adam Jones doesn't always play smart, or like guys with mullets

> Marvin Lewis took a timeout rather than watch his defense commit dumb penalties for three plays in a row

> The kickoff coverage is so bad, the Bengals got it back to the 20 even after staring at a live ball for a while

> CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie whiffed badly on one of those gamble plays that don't pay off any more

> Graham made every highlight reel by getting his helmet tangled with a Bengal helmet

> Cole got a sack, further proving that he was suffering from Jim Washburn, not age

> Foles seems more than willing, and perhaps too willing, to take a hit

> Brandon Tate gave the Eagles 11 yards of field position by catching a punt in his end zone

> Anderson became the first Eagles safety this year to make an unassisted tackle on a tight end

> Cullen Jenkins got a strip, further proving that he was suffering from Jim Washburn, not age

> C Dallas Reynolds pump faked a snap, which is hard for a center to do, really

> If this defensive line had showed up after the preseason, maybe this game would have meant something for both teams

> Carlos Dunlap took advantage of a false start to take a much bigger, dumber penalty

> The refs called Jake Scott 664, which makes him the Neighbor of the Beast

> Shockingly, Maclin left the game due to injury

> Vonteze Burfict seems to be on a 31-team streak of vengeance for the other teams who did not draft him

> On 3rd and 21 when you need about 15 to get into field goal range, Head Coach For A Potentially Disturbing Amount Of The Rest Of Your Life Andy Reid called a draw, since Foles hadn't turned it over yet or nothing

> DT Fletcher Cox's sack was so sudden, he had time to make sure that Dalton went to the ground gently

> Cox's second sack on the subsequent play was almost expected, which is insane given how poor this rush was just a few weeks ago

> Foles' pick was his first in 169 throws, a terrible underthrow, a dramatic lack of awareness from Maclin, and a true game-changer, since this defense rarely recovers after a turnover

> Graham's play tonight gave me hope that he wasn't going to spend his entire career making me pine for Jean Pierre-Paul

> Green beat DRC for a big third down, which surprised, well, no one

> Dalton showed impressive footspeed and body control on a sideline scramble for another first, then went 11 yards untouched for a touchdown that has to be among Mychael Kendricks' worst plays of the year

> Just as NFLN was serenading the Eagles' line for their job on Geno Atkins, they gave up huge penetration on a run to Brown, who fumbled before getting crushed for yet another FaRt

> Clay Harbor's fumble on the subsequent offensive play was surprising only if you haven't watched this team for the past couple of years

> Rodgers-Cromartie finally made a play to keep the game, um, competitive, I guess

> The failure to cover a kickoff for the Eagles' third turnover in 71 seconds was downright funny, if seen through the prism of time, or with the soundtrack of "Yakety Sax"

> The defense got a three and out, but Bobby April's Very, Very Special Teams then made a play that has never been made in the history of the NFL to give another first down

> The fade route to Green over Cromartie was a case of Great Beats Inconsistent

> Brown ran 25 yards and risked a safety to get one yard, which made it one of his better runs of the night

> TE Jermaine Gresham's screen on third and long was the last meaningful play of the night

> As encouraging as the DL pass rush was tonight, please note that they still gave up an ungodly amount of rushing yards

> Marvin Lewis went for it on fourth down in garbage time, because, well, no one was really paying attention to the downs at that point, and Dalton wanted another TD for his fantasy owners

> In Utter Garbage Time, Foles reverted to the should have been picked machine that he was for his earlier games

> The Bengal special teams decided to add injury to insult with 3:30 left on a punt return, which resulted in Asomugha's far more interesting to watch back up getting smashed

> Philly Fan booed loud enough at the final whistle to be chided by NFLN, because only Philly Fan boos a terrible, terrible team

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