Sunday, December 9, 2012

Eagles - Bucs Takeaways

I Said, Ha Ha
> TE Brent Celek's first play concussion means that this is now the official injury of 2012 for the team

> Just to show that he has faith in QB Nick Foles, HC For The Next 240 Minutes of Game Life And Please Dear God Not One Moment More called three passes in the first three and out

> Bucs RB Doug Martin was so anxious to rack up yards, he put the ball on the ground on first down

> The three and out on the first Bucs possession proves that the Wide Nine was the cause of all of the defense's problems

> The Bucs' first move of the chains showed, yet again, that CB Nnamdi Asomugha isn't going to work out

> Pass protection was, shockingly, an issue for the Eagles in this game

> LB Jamar Chaney made a couple of nice plays early, in his bid to be the latest late-season Mirage LB

>  Foles has a knack for the cross-body on the run throw that's as worrisome as it is impressive

> That sheer black shirt that Reid wore today gave him visible nipples, which really might be the most clear firing offense yet

> Supposedly, Reid was upset with the secondary, leading to today's better effort: um, this might have been better said in October

> LB Vinny Curry made a play in the running game, which we were assured was not possible

> I'm not saying the broadcast team was bored by this game, but we got a lot more jet ski and kids dancing with cheerleaders than football in the first half

> Shockingly, King Dunlap totally whiffed on a huge sack

> Bobby April's special teams unit gave up the Bucs' longest punt return of the season, which really surprised members of the immediate April family

> DT Fletcher Cox crushed a screen for a big loss, which is one of those moments that make you think that watching the game isn't a total waste of time

> On back to back plays, Rodgers-Cromartie and Asomugha broke up passes, further proving that the Wide Nine was the root of all evil

> RB Bryce Brown's first seven carries lost nine yards, which might put a small point of doubt in the idea that he's better than WR LeSean McCoy

> WR Jason Avant, seriously, might have made the best catches of the year on third and 17, and getting down in bounds made it even more ridiculous

> Foles appeared very animated on the sidelines with Reid, which either shows a certain eagerness to win the job or a certain ability to ignore reality

> CB Curtis Marsh replaced Asomugha due to injury, not performance, but honestly, it should have been both

> DE Trent Cole got pressure, just to remind us all that he's still in the league

> Rodgers-Cromartie stopped Martin one on one on a run, because Martin is not Dez Bryant

> Bucs QB Josh Freeman was annoyed with his teammates, which makes sense, since they were somehow losing to the Eagles

> Foles is single-handedly reviving Avant's career, and I'm not sure how I feel about that

> The Bucs so over-covered a screen pass that Foles was able to walk in from 10 yards out on a play that was more than a little astounding

> It took 29 minutes for the Bucs to figure out that they might want to go after S Nate Allen

> Cox got a sack on a play where he showed better speed than the ends

> Marsh owned WR Mike Williams on a deep ball, and honestly, I'm not sure why he isn't playing more

> RB Dion Lewis benefited from great down field blocking from Maclin and Cooper, because (a) they are not smurfs, and (b) the Buc secondary is not good

> Foles led an utterly competent offense at the end of the first half to get a long field goal attempt, which is one of those things you like to see in a young QB

> Henery would have hit from 53 yards if not for a false start penalty; the subsequent 58-yard attempt hit the upright, in the first special teams miscue of the day

> Asomugha returned for the second half, to the relief of the Bucs' fans

> LB DeMeco Ryans made an effective blitz on a clean rush, which we have to note since it really doesn't happen very often

> S Colt Anderson is making everyone forget Kurt Coleman, which really isn't that hard

> PR Jamaris Johnson's muff was absurdly bad, and not really all that surprising, given what this team has been like for the past two years; it was also the second terrible special teams play that cost the team points

> Williams owned Asomugha for the Bucs' first touchdown, which, again, does not really surprise anyone who has watched the Eagles for the past two years

> Foles scrambled for a first down, then slid to the ground without contact or a fumble, which again, is one of those things we need to note

> Someone needs to tell Brown that running sideways to the sideline tends to not work after it's been scouted for three weeks

> Henery's second miss was the third special teams disaster, but we must note that the hold was laces in

> Rodgers-Cromartie is very fast when he actually tries to run hard

> The Eagle passing game seems entirely dependent on whether the ball got out fast or slow

> The officiating crew allowed the Bucs to challenge a play that can't be challenged for an un-penalized delay, because they are Secret Scabs

> Running for some benefit today might be going to Foles' head

> Freeman blocked Asomugha on a nice run by Martin, because everyone blocks Asomugha

> Curry's face mask showed a certain amount of unproductive chippiness

> The tackling attempts on Jackson's touchdown were very, very convincing

> Honestly, if you want to get even with a guy, take your 15 yard flag before a PAT

> Freeman's scramble on third and long is one of those plays that loses games, and the fact that he was faster than Cole is all kinds of telling, really

> Anderson's work in run support today was encouraging

> You will be shocked, shocked, to learn that Asomugha was roasted by Jackson on a big third down

> Martin's touchdown was that classic Defense Gives Up Moment, and punctuated by a failed Asomugha tackle at the goal line

> This game should end the idea that the Eagle running game is anything more than a matchup play

> The Harbor touchdown was a pretty damned special play by Foles, and while the Bucs are a horrible pass defense, still, um, wow

> Daniel Te'o Nesheim made two big plays for the Bucs today, or two more than he made in his Eagles career

> In the four minute offense, the Eagle defense seemed surprised to see running plays called, or having any real interest in doing some tackling

> Maclin's first down, and second half emergence, was one of the more encouraging developments from today's game

> Foles hit WR Marvin McNutt on the hands when he wasn't looking, because the WR was too discombobulated by a called hold

> The Eagles had multiple players wildly open down the middle of the field on an overthrow for a possible game winner, but it was probably good that it was missed, since it would have left too much time on the clock

> Dunlap was unable to block CB Ronde Barber, who is half of his size, on a WR screen where he had the first hit

> Foles had the presence of mind to run for a first down, then clock the ball when the Buc had 12 men on the field, to put more pressure on the defense

> The Bucs dropped a killshot INT as Foles tried to force one to, of all people, McNutt

> Foles to Avant, one yard short of the end zone, describes a lot of Avant's life... but there's no way the offense under Vick clocks it in time to buy one more play

> Foles to Maclin for the first win in 70 days was more than a little amazing, if only because it showed Maclin's long-missed ability to not be completely horrible

> That's the first win in 70 days for the Eagles, the end to the longest losing streak in 42 years, and a nice vote of confidence for Foles to have the gig in 2013

> It's petty, I know, but I really enjoy the fact that the Bucs' 10-year anniversary was ruined

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