Sunday, December 2, 2012

Eagles - Cowboys Takeaways

How Can Brown Fail For You?
> On the first play from scrimmage, DeMarcus Ware wasted Brent Celek and nearly ended Nick Fols as Philadelphia shrugged

> WR Riley Cooper and Celek both fought for first downs, which was nice, I guess

> RB Bryce Brown is really good at running wide for a big loss

> Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray is running with a slight limp, which means he might not go for 10+ yards per carry tonight

> DE Brandon Graham got a sack off RT Doug Free, which was kind of nice

> Brown and Celek racked up some yards and seemed to be excited about it

> Brown's touchdown was about as easy as can be, and gave us the always entertaining sight of Rob Ryan getting all huffy

> The subsequent Dallas touchdown drive was highly inspiring play by the defense, since inspiration happens for the opponent, too

> It must be really hard for the Eagles' opponents to decide which overrated sieve CB to throw at

> MLB DeMeco Ryans had to come off for a play, and Casey Matthews actually was good in coverage on it

> If Graham keeps getting to the QB like this, the team might have three defensive starters from this club in 2014

> Say this for Foles: he will stand and take a hit, which is to say he's young and really does want the job

> Against all odds, Ernie Sims is employed to play football again

> Brown definitely has world-class speed, which is being mistaken by analysts as meaning that he's some kind of star in the making (since blocking, ball security and pass catching also kind of matter in the real world)

> We actually had a Jeremy Maclin sighting in the first half, the first in, well, forever

> Brown's second touchdown might have been easier than his first, and gave the 2012 Eagles their biggest lead of the year -- 11 points

> If the Eagles could play against Free every week, they might have a pass rush after all

> It really does not matter how many defenders the Eagles spend on Witten, he's getting the ball anyway

> Even in a half where the defense seems to be playing well, third and long is when the pass rush and tackling disappears

> Witten signalled for a fair catch after S Kurt Coleman blew the coverage to a nearly unconscious level

> If you can show me evidence that this secondary is coached, I'll give you a quarter

> Against all odds. Jason Avant is still in the NFL, and actually even had some YAC tonight

> Dallas allowed an easy field goal before the half, which allowed the Eagles to get the necessary score before giving up the lead on the first drive of the second half

> Romo's touchdown to WR Dez Bryant pushed him past Troy Aikman in the Dallas record books, which should help to remind Dallas Fan that Aikman was wildly overrated, too

> You can tell Maclin was really into this game, as he didn't run out of bounds on an out for the first time in 2012

> If this OL had showed up for much of the year, maybe the Eagles wouldn' t have the worst record in the conference (I keed, I keed, the defense would have compensated)

> Dion Lewis ran away from DeMarcus Ware as if he were a hotel fire alarm

> Foles has a future in card tricks with that quick shovel pass move he's got

> WR Riley Cooper beat CB Brandon Carr for a touchdown like he was an Eagles CB

> Murray ran through CB Nnamdi Asmougha like he couldn't hit or tackle, along with cover

> You have to admire how the Eagle defense plays as badly with a lead as they do without one

> Dallas won a replay challenge where HC Jason Garrett might have made the most effeminate flag toss in NFL history

> The Miles Austin touchdown was about as easy, yada yada yada, see the previous 12 weeks of takeaways

> On the third and three from the Dallas 24, Foles went for the end zone when he could have ran for the first, which might have been the right play if he had a defense

> Bryant owned Rodgers-Cromartie repeatedly, which surprised, um, no one

> I'd like to note, as the defense gives up over 30 points for the fifth straight game to be one of the worst units in the history of the franchise, that they've been remarkably healthy

> Dallas Fan woke up for the last five minutes of this one

> Foles made a legitimately amazing play to prolong the game on third and long with five minutes left

> Brown's terrible fumble to end the game is becoming something of a trend

> Foles should have had a TAInt right after Brown's FuRT (Fumble to Return Touchdown)

> King Dunlap is good at picking up fumbles after giving up big sacks, because he's got a lot of experience in that

> Calling a third and long draw after that was pretty much a give up, get me out of here with my QB intact kind of play call

> Not that it mattered, but not getting a play off before the two minute warning wasn't a great moment for Foles

> This is the second time in three weeks that Dallas has scored 21 points in the fourth quarter against the Eagles, after never having done it before

> It's somewhat telling that just because Foles and Brown had some nice moments tonight, this was the best game for the franchise in months, despite the continuing horror of the defense

> Jamaris Johnson's punt return touchdown with 50 seconds left might be the biggest back door cover in the history of gambling

> Foles' worst play of the game was the failed 2-point conversion, where he had multiple choices for the score and missed them all

> Given how badly the defense played in the second half, it's sad that Alex Henery doesn't have more experience in making onside kicks

> I can't tell you how much I want the Andy Reid to coach the Cowboys rumors to be true, since that will further ensure the terrible level of play in the division

> If you are looking for good news from this one, there is some, but I'm still thinking this team will lose out and "earn" the #1 pick in the draft, because this defense would make a tire fire with dens of skunks smell good

> Just 240 more minutes of this, Eagles Fans, I promise

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