Sunday, December 30, 2012

Eagles - Giants Takeaways

Andy Reid Is A Master
> Coach For Three Hours And Not One Freaking Minute More Andy Reid decided to go with an onside kick, and it worked, just for the hell of it

> Just to remind us all of what we've been, um, missing, QB Michael Vick nearly fumbled a shotgun snap, then threw a terrible pick after defensive pressure

> For a team that gives up as many turnovers as the Eagles do, it's surprising that the offense isn't better at tackling after giving the ball up

> Showing the trademark starch of this team in the past two years, the defense gave up an immediate touchdown after the turnover

> The Eagles came out in a no huddle look, so that they could get to the negative plays faster

> I'm really going to miss the camera shots of Reid stomping around the sidelines annoyed

> You'd never know, from this game, that the Giants offense has been a tire fire for the past two weeks

> The Giants got a 15 yard gain on a dive play on third and one, because that's just now little the Eagles care

> Rueben Randle became the latest WR to utterly toast CB Nnamdi Asomugha, who, honestly, could not be a worse football player

> It's nice to see the team lose with their starting QB and RB, just so we can prevent the whole Injuries excuse

> P Mat McBriar continued to show that ST coach Bobby April has strong elements of performance artist to his work

> Ahmad Bradshaw beat LB DeMeco Ryans in coverage, then made two men miss, because, well, of course

> Eli Manning's third touchdown pass in 14 minutes made me wonder if any Eagles LB is still capable of running, or if this game could just be called on account of lack of interest from the visiting team

> McCoy got 36 yards on a pass in the flat that reminded everyone that the team still has one unquestioned good thing

> RB Bryce Brown ran for 13 yards without fumbling, which we pretty much have to note because, well, noting the positives in a disaster is important

> WR Jeremy Maclin dropped a high throw from Vick, showing excellent preservation skills for 2013

> On fourth and 10 from the Giants 31, Reid went for it rather than settle for the figgie, and the OL protected, with WR Jason Avant actually catching the ball for the first down

> On fourth and one in the red zone, Reid went for it again, and Vick found Maclin for a score that resembled football competence, and will probably do much to aid him in his quest for another NFL paycheck

> The Giants have missed the memo on how kickoffs don't matter any more

> This game being on the Armed Forces Network was another hardship for the troops

> Showing the trademark starch of the last two years, the Eagles defense answered the offensive touchdown with their fourth straight drive for a touchdown

> Asomugha's best play right now is pass interference, in that at least it delays the touchdown for another play

> Ahmad Bradshaw's second quarter touchdown had to be disappointing for him, in that he was actually contacted before scoring

> McCoy clowned DE Osi Umenyiora for a big gain, just to remind us all that Osi kinda sucks now

> The Eagles got to the end of the first half without wasting any timeouts again, which is probably the biggest sign to date that Reid's given up

> Vick's miss of WR Damaris Jackson in the end zone was depressing, and the subsequent field goal wipeout comedic

> The defense actually got a stop in the first half, and only needed multiple Giant drops to get it

> New York clearly lost focus and interest after taking a big lead and seeing the Bears - Lions score

> Jackson dropped a third down play that led to another fourth down attempt at midfield; on the play, Maclin was destroyed with violence that usually involves a penalty now, regardless of the proper technique of the play

> This decision lead to yet another Giants touchdown, this one to WR Victor Cruz, who torched S Colt Anderson and CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, for the perfect ending to the Reid Era

> King Dunlap took a 15 yard penalty just to prove that he can hurt the team after the whistle, along with before it

> Halfway through the third quarter, Philip Hunt made a nice play and got a sack, proving this was now officially a preseason game

> The Lions getting back into the game caused the Giants defense and crowd to care again, which was unfortunate

> On a third and five, McCoy made two men miss for a first down, because he's just ridiculously good

> The refs called holding to negate a third down conversion so long after the play, the Eagles had to call timeout for delay of game afterward

> Just to make sure that he doesn't get a job next year either, Reid sat Vick down for the fourth quarter to see what he had in Trent Edwards

> On 3rd and 11, the Giants got a first down out of a draw into a blitz, because, well, why not

> With 10 minutes left in the Era, Reid finally benched Asomugha, who looked like he was going to cry

> Fox analyst Brian Billick spent several minutes on the difference between sucking and quitting

> The Giants got FB Henry Hynoski a touchdown, just so that we could see a new obnoxious touchdown celebration based on him being a rhinoceros, I guess

> New York in 2012 will have three more signature touchdown celebrations (Cruz's salsa, Wilson's flip and Hynoski's horn) than they will playoff games

> Edwards also failed to save the Reid Era

> The Giants went to the victory formation with two minutes left in the game, though they could have done so in the first half

> There have been 104 coach changes since Reid's hire, and dear God in heaven, please let there not be 105

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