Sunday, December 16, 2012

NFL Week 15 Ad Questions

Douches Out
10) Why does the label out skeptic in the Bud Light ad seem so shocked to see a good kick, since, well, that's what is supposed to happen?

9) If I buy a Dodge truck, will I cause the planet to collapse around me?

8) Is one of the side effects of taking Prilosec is that you think Larry the Cable Guy is funny?

7) Why are the people who work at the National Mistletoe Growers Association so bent out of shape, and how long have they been monitoring America's sexual relations?

6) If I buy an Infiniti, do I gain the ability to create avalanches like I was throwing Skee Balls?

5) Does Detroit employ anyone outside of auto workers and choirs to sign about the work of auto workers?

4) If Southwest cared less about charity, could they cut their prices and/or be on time more often?

3) Are Windows phone users incompetent at all other forms of technology?

2) Aren't the playoff challenge fantasy losers ready to move on to some other hobby, since they have the same terrible records every year?

1) Did TD Ameritrade''s ad account do the dev work in Little Big Planet or in an opium den?

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