Sunday, December 16, 2012

NFL Week 15 Early Game Takeaways

Hug Him And Squeeze Him
10) Atlanta pumped some more air back into their status as Scary Paper Tiger #1 Seed

9) Raven Fan learned that Cam Cameron may not be the reason why Joe Flacco sucks

8) Tampa, New York and Baltimore made powerful statements as to their playoff readiness

7) Drew Brees showed that he's still very capable of torching a very bad secondary at home

6) The Rams showed that you don't have to get a home field advantage from a dome after all

5) Amusing the 23 remaining Dolphins fans, Chad Henne really stunk it up for the Jags in a road loss in Miami

4) Minnesota continued the dream of making the playoffs without a functioning quarterback, just so long as your RB is Not Human

3) Green Bay proved you can win on the road in Chicago without special teams, that the quality of Mason Crosby's compromising photographs of management should not be overestimated, and that the refs totally hate the Bears

2) Kirk Cousins showed Robert Griffin the Third that he can take his own sweet time coming back, at least while Washington plays against terrible teams

1) Houston showed that they can dominate, so long as the game starts at 1pm and isn't against, you know, a top-flight team

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