Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top 10 changes from the Yahoo Sports / NBC Team Up

Dying And Dying
10) Bob Costas gets one more high traffic sports Web site that does not publicly hate Bob Costas

9) Finally, someone other than Bleacher Report and borderline porn sites based on cheerleaders will make money from online sports content

8) Al Michaels to make forced and awkward references to fantasy sports totals, rather than the spread

7) Gives NBC a place for the coming sports television apocalypse when the nation's non-sports viewers file a massive class action lawsuit over how much they've been paying for sports channels

6) Increases the number of Web sites that write about the NHL to, um, several, several, I guess

5) Brad Evans to join the cast of "The Apprentice" just so millions of disgruntled fantasy sports honks can fist pump their way through his public firing

4) The painful Yahoo Sports Minute to become an ever more painful Yahoo/NBC Sports Dawdle

3) "Poker After Dark" events finally get the inattention they deserve

2) "30 Rock" writers have another industry in-joke to shoehorn in scripts

1) Sunday Night Football's Cavalcade Of Football Whimsy to add many more people that the vast majority of the viewing audience does not give a rat's arse about, because, well, um, we're actually just here to watch the game

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