Sunday, December 2, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week 13 Ad Questions

End It All... In A Ford
10) What does the LG Electronics destructo boy expect to happen on the next take?

9) Does Radio Shack really still exist, or are their annual ads merely some kind of legacy buy?

8) How many Jared purchases are dictated by oppressive GPS systems?

7) Why are so many people interested in seeing what a stock Toyota truck can or can't tow?

6) How suicidal does driving a Ford Fusion make its drivers?

5) Is there a more hateful man in America than the DirecTV whiner?

4) If you graduate from the Van Heusen college of style, do you beat yourself up, or is a bully provided with tuition?

3) Do people who patronize McDonald's have no concept of spatial relations, or is that a side effect?

2) Are Verizon users required to share moments that they would really rather, well, not?

1) If you are using Subway for catering, is that a greater indictment of your area or yourself?

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