Sunday, December 9, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week 13 Ad Questions

A Car Like No Other
10) If Chevy is correct when they their car is like no other, from a place like no other, how do you get service?

9) Can't the NFL do something to keep their fans away from accosting the players for their clothes?

8) Isn't the Optimum app less useful than a pair of headphones?

7) Why do Jeep owners have to get to work in blizzards, when clearly no one else has to be there?

6) If you are proposed to in a Kay Jewelers store, doesn't that more or less doom the marriage to failure?

5) Why is Pizza Hut gift-wrapping their crappy food?

4) What is Drew Brees feeding his kid that's causing him to become so a terrifying kicking force of nature?

3) What do you have to be smoking to imagine that a television gift will, um, inspire anything except sloth?

2) Do Sprint users use their smartphones for anything other than terrible pet videos?

1) Is Bud Light betting on the Mayan Apocalypse with their 2 NFL tickets for life promotion, or are the seats just really terrible?

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