Sunday, December 2, 2012

Top 10 NFL Week 13 Early Game Takeaways

Gregg The Smeg
10) I'm not saying that the first half of Jets-Cardinals was the End of Football, but I am saying that you really could see it from there

9) Buffalo ran the ball 46 times and threw it 17, while not giving up a sack, in a 34-18 win against a Jacksonville team that now employs our old friend Jason Babin

8) Colin Kaepernick is a game-changing quarterback against everyone but the Rams

7) Rex Ryan finally benched Mark Sanchez after a 10 for 21 with 3 picks abomination, but to be fair, the man really looks like he's got a future with that pencil and clipboard

6) Christian Ponder did not complete a pass to a WR for the first 57 minutes of his game today, which is truly hard to do while playing QB

5) The Patriots iced the kicker on an onside attempt before clinching their 666th division title in the last 665 years

4)  Russell Wilson's height issue continued to plague him while looking sideline reporters at an eye to eye level after game-winning drives

3) The  Lions lost a big fourth quarter lead and crushed the hopes of their fans at home, which is to say, the Lions played at home

2) Fox decided that the Rams game-winning drive and win against a Niners team that might be the best teams in the NFC was best shown by having their studio crew talk about it, rather than, you know, show it

1) Due to the actions of Javon Belcher, you are no longer allowed to make any joke at all about anyone on the 2012 Kansas City Chiefs

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