Friday, December 14, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Angels signed Josh Hamilton to $125M over 5 years

Angels Accounts Payable
10) Signing the biggest free agent every year has worked out so well this far

9) If he doesn't work out, will totally distract everyone from that Vernon Wells problem

8) Need an offensive boost for the inevitable Mike Trout sophomore slump to merely ridiculously good

7) Part of the Mike Napoli approach of stocking their team with as many Ranger exes as possible

6) Gives national media one more clue over how Texas vs. Anaheim is really the new Red Sox vs. Yankees

5) The Dodgers can' t be the only Los Angeles team that spends money like water

4) Hamilton has hidden talents as a #4 starter and third baseman

3) Really want to win the World Series in December, the way all major free agent signings do

2) Believe that since Hamilton will be joining a team with three or four other legitimate #3 hitters, his inevitable trip to the disabled list and/or rehab center won't be a real problem

1) All part of an elaborate plan to disrespect Torii Hunter

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