Sunday, December 2, 2012

Top 10 reasons why David Stern fined Gregg Popovich $250,000

10) Having coaches use their players in the way they feel is best doesn't work in the best interest of the networks

 9) It's right there on the NBA rate card fine, under the header of Cost Of Infuriating the Commissioner

8) Wouldn't want the public to start doubting the importance of one of 82 regular season games

7) Fine would have been doubled if the Spurs actually won the game, and seeing as they were ahead in the fourth, they really dodged a bullet

6) Apologizing to the NBA's fans usually doesn't happen outside of a melee, referee scandal or ESPN/ABC hires

5) Popovich's actions might make people start to realize that the league's scheduling really doesn't help to promote fair competition

4) It's roughly the amount that the commissioner lost on the point spread movement on the game

 3) It's merely the opening bid for the eventual settlement amount of $250 and a bag of nachos

2) The fact that the Spurs won tonight in Memphis against a conference rival, and that Popovich made the best move for his team rather than a national telecast, can't be allowed to flourish

 1) Revenge for all of those years of belittling sideline reporters

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