Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Lakers are going to trade Pau Gasol

Laker Or Muppet? You Make The Call
10) Doesn't bring the defensive intensity that's required under a Mike D'Antoni team

9) Kobe Bryant can't stop talking about how good he is, which means that he clearly detests him now

8) Has now clearly taken the rank of the NBA's Lesser Gasol

7) Too closely affiliated with the Mike Brown Era

6) Really want to see more of the varied talents and youthful vigor of Antawn Jamison

5) Keeps making direct eye contact, despite repeated warnings, with Metta World Conflict

4) Can't imagine him having any greater trade value than when he's shooting a career low from the floor with knee issues

3) He's the reason why Steve Nash is injury prone and Dwight Howard can't shoot free throws

2) It's not as if the team ever won anything with dominant passing big men

1) In an age where flopping gets league discipline notices, he might not have a defensive position any more

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