Monday, December 10, 2012

Top 10 reasons why the Ravens fired Cam Cameron

Try To Suck Less
10) Scoring just 28 points against the Redskins, 21 of them in the first half, really should be a firing offense

9) Failed to tap into the incredible talent, poise and charisma that is Joe Flacco

8) Just realized that they did, in fact, lose to the Eagles in a game where Ray Rice was running wild

7) It's the Christmas season, and really wanted to give their fans the greatest gift of all

6) He was on a one-year deal, so this was going to happen in three or four weeks anyway

5) The  best offense in the franchise's history is still the one that was run by Vinny Testaverde

4) Keep telling themselves how talented they are, so the 18th ranked offense really isn't promoting job security

3) When you can promote a guy like Jim Caldwell, who was last seen standing on the sidelines like a cadaver for the Colts, you have to do it

2) Big adjustments to the coaching staff in mid-season always work out

1) Just realized that they were, in fact, employing Cam Cameron

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