Sunday, December 30, 2012

We Get To Be Happy Tomorrow

Forgive me I'm overstating this point, but it needs to be said, simply because it won't be...

Tomorrow, or even tonight if it comes down that fast, when Andy Reid is fired, will be a good day for the Philadelphia Eagles.

You are not required, assuming you are not drawing a paycheck in some way from Andy's continued existence, to feel bad about this AT ALL.

You should not, for the smallest amount of time, feel bad for your fist pump of glee that you will no longer need to watch his corpulence flatten the earth on the Eagles sideline any more.

Now, I realize there will be some small moments of charity for the Good Years, when we were all so much younger, so innocent, so filled with hope. You know, when Reid had the best QB, RB S and owner in the team's history, and lost four out of five NFC championship games.

But those days were a long time ago. Today, the Eagles were dry humped by a Giants team that scored touchdowns on five of their first six possessions, the final humiliation on a 4-12 year that made the Bobby Hoying Era look like fun by comparison. Seriously, I've been watching this team since 1975, and this was the least fun year ever. Less fun than Bobby Hoying, less fun than Rich Kotite, less fun than... shudder... Syracuse football. (Not that I care that much about the alma mater, but still. Historically.)

Tonight or tomorrow, Andy Reid will be fired for that, and Eagle Fans will be allowed, for the first time in months, to have something approaching hope for the new guy. For the first time since October, you will be able to, if only in delusion, consider the idea that the team might be able to win a Super Bowl in your lifetime, because there's been no chance of that for the past five years with him.

This does not make you ungrateful, or mean, or rude or uncaring or any of the other ridiculous things that Eagle Fan is accused of on a daily basis, as if this franchise were unique for having fans that aren't terribly thrilled with spending their time and money on a bad result.

Instead, it makes you someone who knows the difference between winning and losing, between hope and futility, between accepting your place and dreaming of something better.

It makes you, in other words, equal to every other fan base.

And for the third worst team in football in 2012, that is freaking progress.

Sing me out, Doctor...

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