Saturday, January 12, 2013

Packers - Niners Takeaways

Ink Makes Him Run Fast
> No one outside of Wisconsin or California saw the first ten minutes of this one, so I won't pretend I did, either

> The Niners got away with incidental contact on a face mask because it was against RB DaJuan Harris

> WR James Jones made a circus catch on a deep ball that was spectacular all over

> Harris then busted it straight up the gut on great blocking for their second lead of the game

> Packer PR Jeremy Ross gave the Niners a huge chance to tie it with a terrible muff, and the defense made it happen with a kitten-soft crossing pass to WR Michael Crabtree

> It's not a playoff game unless you have a Harbaugh freaking out about a weak officiating call

> Rodgers tried for WR Jordy Nelson deep for a pretty weak arm punt, especially since Nelson didn't make the subsequent tackle

> Kaepernick's third down scramble for a first was good, and the post scramble spike gave the club more room in the red zone

> The Harbaugh brothers were clearly raised by Yosemite Sam

> Crabtree's second score of the game was perfect by Kaepernick, gave the home team a fresh lead, and effectively retired the narrative of the QB is nervous and why didn't they just stay with Alex Smith

> Rodgers fumbled and recovered on a play that could have ended things even faster than they did

> Rodgers to TE Jermichael Finley for 21 was a borderline laser

> S Desean Goldson was called for an ejectable helmet to helmet launch on Harris

> The refs stopped a play on unabated to the QB, which really isn't the right call

> Rodgers to Jones for the tying score puts some heat into that "They are going to regret not taking me" grudge he's been carrying

> Kaepernick ducked a blitz and took advantage of an uncalled Ted Ginn hold for a conversion

> Since the game is on pace for 90 points, you know the announcers will think it's a good game

> Blitzing a really fast QB that you can't tackle seems to be a bad idea

> K David Akers made a kick from 36 yards, which at this point is something of an upset

> Kaepernick ran for 107 yards in the first half, threw for 148, and made fantasy honks have drooling issues

> Just when the Packers OL stunk, they got hurt

> The Packer defense actually got a three and out, mostly because Kaepernick made the tactical error of going to Randy Moss and Vernon Davis

> Rodgers hit WR Greg Jennings for 30 yards on a play where the coverage was just about perfect

> When WR/KR Randall Cobb lines up in the backfield, that just seems crazy unfair to a defense

> Cobb tried to stretch 9 feet for a first down and nearly fumbled away a figgie chance

> Packers K Mason Crosby connected to tie the game and the battle of way too shaky to be employed kickers

> Kaepernick went 56 yards to the house in a sprint for the go-ahead score that was so fast, viewers had to check to make sure that Fox didn't doctor the film

> Rodgers ran for 17 on a 3rd and 10, just to show Niner Fan that he can do that as well

> The Packer defense doesn't seem to understand that Crabtree is the only WR that Kaepernick looks for on third down

> TE Vernon Davis's first catch was for 44 yards and more or less ended things

> RB Frank Gore scored on a play that bummed up Kaepernick's playoff fantasy owners, since it really killed his chanced to get to 70+ points

> The Niners might not be as good as last year on defense, but they still bring the wood, which is pretty rare in the NFL now

> Playing against Joe Webb doesn't seem to have helped the Niners very much

> Rather than kick a figgie to go up 17, the Niners got a defensive penalty for the first down

> Anthony Dixon scored on a play that bummed up Kaepernick's playoff fantasy owners, since it really killed his chanced to get to 60+ points

> I'm kicking myself for being seduced by Rodgers into making the wrong pick in this game

> Honest, this game was once 14-7 Packers

> Down 21 with 3:34 left, I don't feel good for Rodgers' chances to remain healthy

> Green Bay's post-whistle brawling doesn't do much for clock management, or the idea that even they think they can still win

> Rodgers did the fake spike thing for 8 cheap yards to Cobb

> Greg Jennings got a garbage time send-off TD

> The Niners now get to wait to see if they go on the road to play an easy game, or stay home for a hard one

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