Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cowboy Fan Got The Internets

And yes, it is glorious. Very few minutes of your life will be spent better than watching this. Beyond the sheer fun of Real Life May The Good Lord Take A Liking To You And Blow You Up Real Soon, we get the close quarter eyewitness work of gunfire and explosives from what sounds like a small child, the fact that it took the shooter shots to hit a stationary and large target (drunk? well, why the hell not), and that, well, he's setting fire to a jersey of a guy who is, well, still going to have the job next year, in all likelihood.

Some part of me wonders if the communications miracle of the modern age should really be universally applied, given how much damage can be done by things like that hateful Islam movie that helped to spur riots a few months ago.

And then I see something like this, and I know what it's all going to work out in time.

Darwinian time...

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