Sunday, January 13, 2013

Seahawks - Falcons Takeaways

Poor Life Choices, Son
> Given the last game, I'm not sure I'd start things off by picking on CB Richard Sherman

> RB Michael Turner went for 15, which might be a season long

> Sherman on WR Roddy White for the big stop says something about WR Julio Jones, which is to say that he's kind of slipped this year

> P Jon Ryan's 30-yarder was as weak as you can manage in a dome, really

> QB Matt Ryan's pick on 3rd and 3 was a pretty weak arm punt, and far more psychologically damaging

> QB Russell Wilson is really good at making the WRs go deep on no pressure, then just running for a good chunk

> RB Marshawn Lynch's fumble after a solid gain is his second fumble in two weeks, and really not doing much for his national reputation

> LB Bobby Wagner made a textbook horsecollar tackle on Turner

> On the big third and 9, the Falcons were disorganized, then took a motion penalty, which says something about nerves

> On third and 14, Seattle got no pressure and gave up a 16-yard cross to White for the first

> TE Chase Coffman caught one pass in the regular season, then made another great one to get the ball to the one yard line

> TE Tony Gonzalez made an incredible toe tap on the end line to put the Falcons up 10-0

> Seattle is now down 24-0 in the first quarter of road playoff games, which isn't exactly the way you draw it up

> Wilson to TE Zach Miller for 23 looks a lot like the play that started the flood last week

> RB Jacquizz Rodgers destroyed S Earl Thomas on a 45-yard run that ended the first quarter, messed up his pads, and gave Thomas a new level of professional embarrassment

> Jones got a first down on a man against boys YAC crossing route

> The hidden bummer factor that was the Seattle run defense is starting to show up in a big way

> On third and 7, Atlanta tried a screen that was obvious, the Seahawks were able to rush the QB and cover the WR simultaneously

> K Matt Bryant's second make of the day made it 13-0 and made you wonder if Atlanta just opened the door for Shenanigans

> Russell to Miller for 34 looked familiar, yada yada yada

> Given Russell's accuracy and the respect that you have to show the running game, Seattle is going to get truly scary if they ever get some good WRs

> On 3rd and 1, Seattle went to the gun with a give to third down RB Robert Turban, which did not work at all

> On 4th and 1, Seattle gave it to FB Marcus Robinson in a tricky keeper that did not work at all, as Seahawk Fan remembered why HC Pete Carroll's previous NFL coaching stint didn't work out

> Seriously, on the two make or break play calls, Carroll did not use Wilson or Lynch

> Turner went for 35, and this might not be a game for too much longer if that continues

> Ryan's 47-yard deep strike to White was a thing of beauty, an effective end to the game, and a fist pump moment for everyone who wanted to see Sherman get his comeuppance

> With his third career playoff touchdown, White has tied the franchise record, which might be the saddest thing I've ever heard

> After 26 minutes, it was 20-0 Falcons

> Wilson got a first down on a scramble where he was comically faster than the DE, and would not slide

> Really not sure why you'd call shotgun draws when the defense isn't getting pressure on the QB

> On 3rd and 1 from the 10 with 30 seconds left, they finally let Wilson do something, and he completed a slant to WR Golden Tate for the first

> Seattle in the red zone today has looked positively Reid-esque

> The sack on Wilson ended the first half without points, and good grief, that was terrible

> Wilson showed good awareness in trying to get a fourth down play off, since the figgie team would have never made it... but ye gads, you can't take that sack

> If Seattle just kicks field goals, it's a 14-point game at the half and a conceivable comeback

> Carroll tried a Pistol play and got six seconds of time to throw, but Wilson had nothing downfield and took another big sack

> Wilson to Miller again got the TE over 100 yards, which is just crazy for a scoreless team

> Wilson to Tate finally got Seattle on the scoreboard, and at least puts some pressure on the Falcons to play more than 30 minutes

> At the end of that drive, Seattle took the overall lead in yards gained, which did not last for long, but still, you get the point

> The 3rd and 5 catch by Gonzalez was a big damned play in terms of Mo Mentum

> Neither team seems to be able to get consistent pressure on the QB, which doesn't exactly speak well for their playoff futures

> WR Harry Douglass had Sherman beat for a deep ball, but just couldn't catch the damned ball

> You'd never know that Seattle had an elite secondary from this game

> Gonzalez owned LB Winston Guy on a third and 9 red zone conversion

> Ryan's shovel pass score to RB Jason Snelling was a very nice piece of play calling, and should end the game

> Sherman blocked a PAT by being comically offsides, then did it again for the hell of it, since he knew Falcons HC Mike Smith wouldn't have the balls to go for 2

> Someone might want to let Carroll know that running the ball and huddling while down 20 with 17 minutes left isn't a great idea

> Wilson ran in for a score with 13 minutes left on a play where the defense stopped looking at the guy who had the ball

> Brian Billick reminded us all why he doesn't get big assignments by not knowing the down or score

> Seattle didn't try an onside kick with 13 minutes left, because after 47 minutes of not forcing a punt, this was clearly the time for that to change

> After running the ball well, Atlanta got into end arounds for no good reason at all

> Ryan's inexplicable deep ball INT to Thomas made things a little more interesting

> Wilson to Rice for 24 was the same play he's been completing to Miller all day

> Wilson to Turbin for 35 showed how far the Falcons are from a good defense

> Wilson to Miller for the score would have tied the game had the first half figgies been kicked, and was so easy, it made me wonder if the Falcons had secretly substituted in the 2012 Eagles

> On the ensuing Falcons drive, the Falcon offense committed its first 3 and out and punt of the day

> Falcons P Matt Bosher did his team no favors with a terrible kick

> Wilson went for 9 yards on jailbreak pressure

> On 3rd and 10 with 5:48 left, Atlanta rushed three and got away with it, thanks to a Seattle chop block and drop

> Someone really needs to let the Seahawks know that spotting the team the first quarter isn't a great idea

> Turner for 12 on first down made everyone wonder why Atlanta hasn't just run the ball in the second half

> On 3rd and 8 with 3:15 left, Ryan didn't connect with White, further cementing both men's legacy as Clutch

> Another terrible punt by Bosher gave the Seahawks the ball at their own 39 with 3 minutes left, 3 timeouts on the board, and all kinds of chances to win this game

> Once more with feeling -- handing off to Lynch and huddling seems unwise to me

> Just like in the first half, Seattle didn't get a play off before the 2 minute warning

> Wilson to Tate is far too easy, just as it's been all game

> Clock management is clearly not a Carroll strength

> On 3rd and 5 and have to have it, Wilson escaped a blitz to find Lynch for an immense play

> Billick, who interviewed this week for the Eagles HC job in what I can only assume was some little-known aspect of the Rooney Rule where you have to interview someone who is functionally retarded, thought out loud about kicking a figgie and trying an onside kick

> Lynch fumbled at the goal line for a second straight week, but he was already in

> Rodgers with a decent KR set things up for the suckout save

> Ryan to Douglas for 22 was helpful

> Ryan to Gonzalez for 17 was absurdly easy

> Bryant from 49 with 13 seconds left was curious, since letting the clock run longer or trying for extra yards might have made for an easier attempt

> Bryant missed the ice attempt wide right in what should be the last time anyone ever does that

> The K then made the real attempt for the 30-28 lead with 8 seconds left

> Bryant than someone choked a kickoff for a quasi onside kick that the Seahawks fielded at their 46 yard line for a chance to win that should not exist

> A minor gain didn't give Seattle a chance at the figgie

> Jones intercepted Wilson's Hail Mary, and since this game had no scab refs, that ended Seattle's season

> Regardless of home field advantage, the gambling public is going to go huge for the Niners, and it's hard to see how they are wrong

> It's a shame one of these coaches had to win

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