Saturday, January 5, 2013

Texans - Bengals Takeaways

This Game Was Not Good
> I think I can speak for all of America, in that this was the matchup from 2011 that we were dying to see again

> Arian Foster continues to show that you don't have to draft a RB for him to become dominant

> CB Leon Hall's pick six roused America from a sound sleep

> Bengals TE Jermaine Gresham dropped another pass in the time it took you to read this

> Matt Schaub proved that the first nine years of playoff-free football weren't necessarily a fluke

> The teams combined to play 28 minutes of football in the first 66 minutes, which is to say, they hate capitalism

> Cincy ran 17 total plays in the first half, held it for just 7 minutes, and threw for -6 yards, and yet only trailed by 2

> Houston has 8 Pro Bowlers, which goes to show how much coaching can take the excitement out of talent

> Owen Daniels' disgruntled fantasy owners were thrilled with his big game

> Schaub really shows his athleticism in running to the line fast for a spike

> Foster's touchdown run with 25 minutes left in the game proved that the #3 seed in the AFC could. in fact, score in the red zone

> After 35 minutes of game play, the Bengals remembered that they had AJ Green, which helped

> Gary Kubiak proved he could blow a challenge, along with red zone possessions

> PR Brandon Tate nearly blew this game open with a terrible non-catch of a punt

> JJ Watt's mastered the Mutumbo finger waggle on pass deflections

> CB Daniel Manning's offsides to prolong a Bengal drive was beyond egregious

> Dalton's shiite-eating grin after the pick to CB Jonathan Joseph kind of gave the world a bit of a clue that the pick was Green's fault

> Cincy was still alive in this game despite not converting a third down in the first 51 minutes of the game

> I'm not saying that Bengals LB Rey Mauluaga is bad, but I do think he could play for Andy Reid

> The OPI on WR Jermaine Posey was one of those game-changing plays, since it took a first down off the board and saved minutes of clock for the Bengals

> Anyone that wants to bet the survivor of this game will have ample spread options and takers

> The DPI call on 3rd and 11 with 4:12 left was the Bengals' first third down conversion of the day, and another game-changing call

> Green was wide open in the end zone for a game-winning touchdown, but Dalton just missed him

> TE Gerrit Graham held on for the game-clinching third down despite what was probably an immediate concussion from a hit to the head

> At least this thing ended fast, just like the Texans will next week in New England

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