Sunday, January 20, 2013

Top 10 consolations for Boston Fan

Perhaps this was a bad idea
10) Traffic coming home from the game was much easier than anticipated

9) Thanks to this game, you've doomed Baltimore to a long and eventually maddening era of Joe Flacco

8) In all likelihood, that mean little Welker prick, who you never liked or trusted, won't be able to break your hearts ever again

7) You would have so turned around a 15-point loss at home if only Rob Gronkowski and Aqib Talib wouldn't have gotten hurt, and since no other football team suffers injuries late in the year, you're bound for better luck next year

6) Given the, um, strength of your division, it's really not hard to see how you won't be back in this position again next year

5) Bernard Pollard is probably going to get fined for that hit on Welker

4) Coach Belichick blew off CBS's Steve Tasker after the game, which is clearly what ex-Bills deserve

3) The widespread loud cheering from Raven Fan at the end of this game came after many people had switched off the game

2) Hockey exists again

1) You've all learned a valuable lesson about the wisdom of putting up retirement clock banners

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