Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Top 10 developments if/when the Eagles hire Gus Bradley

10) Real and counterfeit "Do Your Job!" t-shirts make immediate appearance in local sporting goods stores and alleys

9) Local fans who puled for his hiring start to establish alibis for inevitable betrayal

8) Intolerable week and a half of indecision, where we didn't know who would be the coach of an out of work team, finally ends

7) Area headline writers develop pool of words with the letter G-U-S in a headline-ready term

6) Fans dare to dream that any of the team's defensive backs can still be coached up to tolerable

5) Truly ridiculous number of bar know-it-alls begin researching Bradley's South Dakota small college past for trivia nuggets

4) Jeffrey Lurie drinks to forget that several different college coaches told him that his wonderful wonderful franchise wasn't as good as just staying put

3) Team to change gears to spend the next two weeks getting rejected by offensive coordinator candidates

2) Alabama CB Dee Milliner at pick four draft mocks to start looking a lot more realistic

1) Fans who spent the last 14 years bitching about having an offense-first coach to go back to older and more comfortable complaints

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