Sunday, January 13, 2013

Top 10 NFL Divisional Sunday Ad Questions

Now with Double Naughty Bits
10) How was Bud Light able to find enough Oakland Raider fans to speak coherent sentences about quasi-science?

9) Will Verizon also let sad sick stay at home kids have their in-school robot avatars get wrecked, or will they give them defensive capabilities?

8) Is it telling that Pizza Hut seems more concerned with the box than the food?

7) Why are the kids in the State Farm ads so rude and dismissive of QB Aaron Rodgers ("What did you do, >Rodgers<"), when he's clearly hurting?

6) Wouldn't a "Better Not" world preclude getting hammered at a TGIF's?

5) If I buy a Ram truck, aren't I dooming the environment to horrific problems when I screw around with the reverse?

4) Is there any way to hold Arnold Schwarzenegger to the claim that this latest slopfest is, really, the last stand?

3) Does anyone else want to set their money on fire, rather than invest it, after watching that E*Trade ad?

2) Did any player who filmed a national television ad survive to the conference championship?

1) Can I sign up for the partial stuff insurance company, since replacing my stuff is mostly pointless and I'd rather have the 50% lower bill?

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