Sunday, January 6, 2013

Top 10 NFL Wild Card Sunday Ad Questions

I'll take a bank with no lines
10) What percentage of Cadillac buyers are concerned with camels?

9) If I buy an Audi, does it come with Lojack so that I can give any thieving older relatives the punishment they deserve?

8) Does the No Humans Institution shown in the TD Bank ad offer better interest rates and fees, and if so, can TD tell me who they are, so I can use them instead?

7) Can Met Life control their freakishly large-headed phone reps from forcing wanking jazz piano on customers?

6) How many men have to die before Coors gets a modern distribution system?

5) How many of the calamities paid off by Allstate and Farmer's happen in their ads?

4) Is Domino's using armored trucks now because they are going to expand their delivery range?

3) Is Verizon FiOS so fast because their users sit around their living rooms, laughing like hyenas at a single Internet screen?

2) If I get a Galaxy Note, will I be trapped in an office with pudgy trailer trash that represents my work as heir own?

1) Are all Toyota buyers ashamed of being seen with their spouses in public?

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