Saturday, January 5, 2013

Top 10 NFL Wild Card Saturday Ad Questions

Butt fumble, indeed
10) What does the identity of the Super Bowl halftime musical act have to do with your choice of sugar water?

9) Is Subway a little too happy about America's obesity problem?

8) Does anyone else get creeped out by Toyota's efforts to equate selling cars to college recruiting, in that it denigrates the good name of car sales?

7) What about Hyundai  makes its buyers fundamentally retarded at the moment of decision, other than the fact that they are buying a Hyundai?

6) How long have fans of McDonald's Dollar Menu been required to consume their "food" far away from civilization?

5) How fast would AIG have recovered if they hadn't paid absurd executive bonuses at the height of their government bailout?

4) Are Volkswagen owners required to throw like spastic freaks?

3) If you are excited about the latest Arnold Schwarzeneggar or Sylvester Stallone movie, isn't that just an admission that your brain has stopped making new choices?

2) Is Michelle Beadle aware of how most viewers will want to construe buttfumble while viewing her show?

1) Does anyone have a problem with the immediate sterilization of anyone who uses the phrase "couchgate"?

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