Friday, January 4, 2013

Top 10 reasons why Andy Reid would take the Chiefs job

10) Can't wait to not give the ball enough to Jamal Charles

9) Wants to follow the Dick Vermeil career path as much as possible

8) Knows that after this last year in Kansas City, anything he does will look good

7) Taking a job in the AFC West is as close as a man can get to retirement while still being a head coach in the NFL

6) Has been told that if he doesn't like working with GM Scott Piolo, the team will take him to a nice farm upstate

5) Taking a job with a downtrodden franchise with a high pick and a crying need at QB has worked out for him before

4) Believes that if he can just win a single playoff game there, the town will pretty much worship him

3) Understands that there is the potential for a reasonably good defense that he can ignore for a while

2) After the Matt Cassel / Brady Quinn era, thinks that bringing Michael Vick with him will be more than acceptable

1) In that region, he's positively svelte

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