Thursday, January 24, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Jets hired Marty Morhinweg

10) As bad as the 2012 Eagles offense was, it's still better than what the Jets ran out there

9) Kept a straight face during the interview when the club said the words "Tim Tebow", "Wildcat" and "Buttfumble"

8) Promised to smuggle some WRs with him on the way out of Philadelphia

7) Since the Rex Ryan Era probably only has one more year to go, he's can just stay in Philly and bear the commute

6) He's the first person who managed to get QB Mark Sanchez out of the fetal position in weeks

5) Has first-hand experience at force-feeding an offense away from its best assets, assuming those assets are running backs

4) As the Rick Kotite Era shows, the Jets always do well with Eagle coaching cast-offs

3) Andy Reid's last 4-12 team made things so much easier for the rest of the league, everyone on the staff had to get jobs

2) He promised not to want any part of the decision to kick or receive an overtime kickoff

1) Has unmatched experience in keeping his head in sideshows, carnivals and train wrecks

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