Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Ravens' John Harbaugh is hiring Juan Castillo

Everyone on a 4-12 debacle gets jobs
10) He's the new run game co- ordinator, which probably won't require him to give up his night manager job at Appleby's

9) Since he spent the last decade-plus with Andy Reid, has had plenty of time to stock up ideas involving the run game

8) If anything goes wrong, Juan has great experience at being a scapegoat

7) Remember that Juan was on the other side of the field, earlier this year, when a 4-12 team somehow beat him

6) It's not like they are letting Castillo anywhere near the defense

5) After the collapse of the Eagles defense in the second half of 2012 after he got tossed, Juan might be seen as the biggest football genius on the planet

4) After 15 years living in the area, at least Baltimore isn't that far of a commute

3) It turns out that Harbaugh is one of millions of people who really, really hate Jim Washburn

2) After getting the knife from Reid earlier this year, Juan somehow had the intellect to not take another job with him

1) Harbaugh wants to get all of the people who endured Reid with him rings

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