Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top 10 signs the Yankees are trying to void A-Rod's contract

Why get away from this guy?
10) The inevitable PR release saying this isn't true came from the player's publicist, not the team

9) Somehow might not want to spend the next 5 years and $114 million on a guy that wasn't even a good bench player in the playoffs last year

8) Even this franchise starts to care about cash when (a) the Dodgers are outspending them, and (b) no one has ever bought those seats near the field

7) Just because he helped them win it all in 2009 does not, well, mean anything to a franchise that expects to buy a championship every year

6) Figure that since they've already stuck with him through one drug scandal, this one's a freebie

5) For the amount of money they've been paying him, you'd really think he'd do a better job of not getting caught

4) Somehow don't see themselves selling a lot of commemorative gear for his big run to unseat Barry Bonds as MLB's latest disgraced home run king

3) This worked so well for them with Jason Giambi

2) PED use gets a lot harder to defend when you are 37, with a sub-.800 OPS, and can't stay on the field

1) Have discovered, to their horror, that he's not really a True Yankee after all

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