Thursday, January 10, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from the Eagles head coaching search

Get Down And Get Funky
10) The failed courting of Chip Kelly bitterly disappoints local sports talk radio callers who were looking forward to screaming over how his system was never going to work in the NFL

9) Now that he's been hired by Buffalo, the team would like you to understand that Doug Morrone is a .500 college coach that's not going to do anything in the league

8) As a consolation, they beat out Cleveland for the right to get told no by Kelly last, which has to mean something in the eternal quest to cheese off Joe Banner

7) Interviewing Lovie Smith not only satisfies the Rooney Rule, but also gives Bear Fan the consolation of knowing that, if Smith gets the job, he'll never come back to haunt them

6) The team had to be thrilled with the performance of Notre Dame under Brian Kelly in the BCS Championship Game, since that means he's (a) ready to get out while the getting is good, and (b) not going to command as good of a price

5) Luckily, the Cowboys still employ Jason Garrett and Washington still employs Mike Shanahan, so an empty chair does not exactly put them at a competitive disadvantage in the division

4) The club lost out to Penn State for the chance to hire away Bill O'Brien, which is a shame, considering how well that man performs when cleaning up a legacy coach's unfathomable mess

3) Many people in town want the club to hire Seattle DC Gus Bradley, which would really work out if he could bring his secondary with him

2) They are on track to interview Bruce Arians (recently hospitalized) and Jay Gruden (recently bounced from the playoffs), which, when you add in to what happened to Brian Kelly, doesn't exactly say that good karma is on their side

1) The front-runner for the job might now be Denver's Mike McCoy, under the idea that this year proves that anyone who could win games with Tim Tebow under center might be the greatest genius in NFL history

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