Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vikings - Packers Takeaways

This Was Also A Dull Game
> Joe Webb got the start for the Vikings, crushing the huge national TV audience that was only tuning in to watch Christian Ponder

> RB Adrian Peterson got 33 yards on the Vikings' first drive, or a large amount while the Packer defense adjusted to the idea that they didn't need to defend past five yards beyond the line of scrimmage

> Packers coach Mike McCarthy deferred the kickoff, so that the Vikings wouldn't have to play from behind all game long

> S Charles Woodson returned for the Pack, giving them a big lift to a has-been from a never-was

> RB DaJuan Harris had a series-ending drop, causing intense hatred from everyone who had the Pack with a big point spread

> The Vikings' secondary blanketed the Packer WRs early, but not so much the LBs on the RBs

> Harris scored on what turned out to not be final play of the first quarter, taking excellent advantage of the commercial break to review the replay at length

> Packer LB Clay Matthews got a sack on a play when he was lying on his stomach

> Webb seems way too interested on third and long to tempt fate with pick-tastic groundings

> The Packers clearly don't trust K Mason Crosby on any kick that isn't a chip shot

> Webb missed a wide-open WR Jerome Simpson for what would have been a tying score, because, well, the play involved Joe Webb and Jerome Simpson

> Webb's idea of a passing play seems to be to wait until the defense comes to sack him, then try to make four guys miss and run for the first down

> QB Aaron Rodgers put this one away before the half with a clinical drive for a score

> FB Jon Kuhn got the Packers' second touchdown, just to thrill all of the Wisconsin white people

> Once again, this game proved that a running back can not be the most valuable player in the league

> The Packers scored on their first possession of the second half after the Vikings jumped offsides on a field goal attempt, just to make sure that even their fans stopped watching this game in disgust

> Webb actually completed a couple of passes and got some first down on the next drive, so, um, progress

> Vikings HC Todd Frazier went for it on fourth and three rather than try a long field goal while down 24-3, because he really wanted to lose this game with just 3 points in the final scoreboard

> The Sam Shields INT was a play that a high school offense shouldn't make

> I'm not sure why the Packers risked Rodgers with pass plays in the second half

> The Vikings STs joined in the fun with a muffed punt by PR Marcus Sherels

> Frazier thought about going for it on fourth and one with 11 minutes left and down 21, then punted anyway, just to add to the sadness

> Webb completed a touchdown on a fourth quarter defensive breakdown that was so bad, I had to check the Packer DB jerseys for the names of Asomugha, Coleman, Allen or Rodgers-Cromartie

> I'm not saying that both of the Saturday games were dogs, but if we have nine more playoff games like them, the NBA regular season, baseball spring training and competitive paintdry watching are going to look like winners by comparison

> WR Jordy Nelson limped off with two minutes left, just to show Packer Fan that they can't have nice things

> The Packer defense stiffened at the end to prevent the worst back door cover in gambling history

> Last week, Minnesota denied Green Bay the chance to have a bye week, so I guess they felt they owed them one

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