Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 Super Bowl Ad Questions

> Are all M&M's eaten by murderous freaks who like to devour talking creatues?

> Do I have to be a lonely suicidal maniac to drive an Audi?

> Why did Go Daddy spend $4 million to disgust America?

> Does Amy Poehler always sexually harass tech geeks, and if so, how does she still have money?

> Is Budweiser Black Crown just for greasers?

> What does a world-wide use of security cameras have to do with selling sugar water?

> How do brawls in libraries help to sell cookies?

> Can anything make movies slower and less angry?

> Do Doritos make you cross dress, or just arouse the desire to cross-dress among people who are already susceptible?

> Did Calvin Klein really just buy a $4 million ad just to make America more homophobic?

> If milk is used by action movie actors to stop catastrophes, why doesn't it work for people who, you know, actually work for a living?

> Will owning a VW make me talk like a Jamaican stoner?

> Does eating Taco Bell make old people insane?

> Why does Skechers want to thwart the food chain?

> If Scientology is really for free thinkers. can we revoke its tax-free status as a religion?

> Does buying cars other than Jeeps help the terrorists, and as a follow up, does buying a Jeep help to keep us at perpetual war?

> Why does Kia employ killer robots?

> Was there a director's cut of the Budweiser ad where the runaway Clydesdale trampled its old owner?

> Is there any doubt that Andy Reid would be fooled by Deion Sanders in an Afro for the #1 pick?

> If Kia didn't give us the fine print to not attempt the parachuting of dozens of baby species, would this happen, and wouldn't that just be the best day ever?

> Why can't every ad star Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman?

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