Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Fairly Obvious Point To The Nick Foles Fans

Also Shave, That's Just Sad
I really need to stop listening to the radio, reading comments sections, and in general, exposing myself to Eagles Nation. It was so much easier being a fan of this franchise when I lived 3K miles away.

Anyway... if your guy really is the best choice to quarterback the Eagles... and Michael Vick really is a hopeless turnover machine, locker room cancer, mentally and morally deficient hooligan and all-around loser...

Then why, on God's green earth, are you in the least bit worried that your man isn't going to win the job in training camp, or in preseason?

The simple reason is, well, these folks are reaching. Despite having no evidence yet that new coach Chip Kelly is either a liar or seduced by Vick's physical talents, they are convinced that, well, Kelly is lying about the QB position being an open competition. Or after years of the Reid Experience, they think that Vick's got to play as long as he's healthy, results be damned.

So, let me get them off the ledge once more by pointing out the very, very obvious.

The Eagles would *love* it if Foles blew Vick out of the water in training camp. (Actually, they'd really love it if both guys played out of their minds, because then they'd have a trade chip, and I think the new regime is smart enough to know they are more than one happy year away from a trophy.) They'd sell more shirts, lock down the most important player without spending a future high draft pick or major free agent move, take care of the position (health permitting) for a decade or more, and go to the hard work of developing a defense, special teams and depth. They'd also save money if they wind up so comfortable with Foles that they wind up releasing Vick.

No, the only way that Vick is going to win this job is if he is, clearly and definitively, the best QB on the team.

And if he is, and if Kelly awards the job to him, while still holding him responsible for ball security, not taking sacks and avoiding reckless injuries?

Well, it would also prove to the rest of the locker room that he's about winning more than system, or making the front office look good, or getting the team on SportsCenter or prime-time football telecasts.

Also, that he's some kind of miracle educator. But anyway.

So, if you are rooting for Foles? Stop rooting against Vick. Make your guy earn it, rather than back into it.

Because if he doesn't... you'll be rooting against Foles really, really damn soon.

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