Sunday, February 10, 2013

FTT Off-Topic: Japan, Please Meet Me At Camera 3

Look, I get that World War II was the mother of all mindmucks. You were at war for a decade, totally unprepared to withstand the onset of modern propaganda, gave yourselves over to the war effort to the point of even somehow thinking that an alliance with the Nazis and Mussolini Men was going to work out... and then had it end with a double-dose of The Entirely New And Incredibly Horrific Way To Die, with heartbreaking sadness for years afterward.

Oh, and then the people who rained horror from the skies moved in and made sure everyone had a job and got rich.

That can't be good for the mental stability of your nation, really.

So I understand the rise in Cheap Special Effects Monster crushes Tokyo, since due to the radiation (always the radiation), everyone dreamed of the cities getting trashed at a moment's notice, so much so that even your backyard lizard or turtle could take you out. I also got how, as a nation, you came to worship youth and science (five plucky color-coordinated teens, assemble!), and that you also started to willingly assume a position of social subservience to the West. This, I think, explains the porn.

But, um, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just under 70 years ago. Your art and culture should have gotten over it a bit by now, no? And then we have to consider this bit of seemingly very popular (note the view count), um, music... and all I can say is, well, Japan Is A Confusing Country.

And showing no signs of getting any less so...

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