Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top 10 reasons why Nnamdi Asomugha ate lunch in his car during practices, instead of with his Eagle teammates

Come back and have lunch with me
10) Wanted to limit the smell of burnt toast while dining to just his own stench

9) As was proven during the 2012 season, prolonged exposure to Kurt Coleman produces rage

8) Communication among the secondary was already so good, didn't want to jinx it

7) Fewer witnesses for when he fell down and let his lunch get behind him

6) Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie smells like onions and old people, and never washes his hands after going to the bathroom

5) Wanted some "me time" during the season, which is important when you are the highest paid player on a shockingly terrible defense

4) More free to check his LinkedIn page, surf Craig's List, and talk to headhunters for his next job

3) Only place where he could eat foie gras, caviar and macrobiotic greens without having to share

2) Considerate move for local media and club for when they wanted to spread dirt on him pre-release

1) Eating with losers is even more depressing than eating alone

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