Sunday, February 17, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from the NBA All Star Game

The First Clipper All Star Game MVP
10) For reasons best related to comedy, Chris Bosh was in this one, and the West and the nation's video editors took full advantage

9) Kevin Hart's appearance during the halftime highlights convinced White America that this was not, in fact, the program for them

8) There were a lot of lead changes in this one, mostly because neither team was very interested in such pedestrian matters like the score

7) Kevin Durant kept dunking like he cared who won, probably because there were Heat players on the other side

6) Kyrie Irving had a fine weekend and all, but you get the feeling that all he wound up doing was get Chris Paul to make an example of him

5) Kobe Bryant might have a future as a defensive stopper, assuming he can get a trade away from that terrible Lakers franchise

4) Chris Paul was clearly the MVP in this game, and if he's healthy in this year's playoffs, you have to like the Clipeprs' chances to lose in the Finals

3) Watching Joakim Noah try to guard Paul on the perimeter was kind of like watching a pro wrestling heel before he gets the chair shot in the face

2) LeBron James forgot that Kobe isn't going to the playoffs this year, so he had a little more energy for this than usual

1) I didn't actually fall asleep during this one, so it's one of the best All Star Games in years

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