Friday, February 22, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from the NBA trade deadline

Fun For Everyone
10) Everyone is impressed by the Rockets dropping salary while adding a top 5 pick in his rookie year, as if fleecing the Maloof Goofs is hard

9) Milwaukee got JJ Redick to help with their playoff one and done

8) The Thunder dealt away a non-starting guard, which means Eric Maynor now has to become a top 20 player

7) Washington traded for expiring contracts of injured players, because quality free agents are just dying to come to a moribund franchise that sends away assets to cut payroll

6) Atlanta decided to keep Josh Smith despite his upcoming unrestricted free agent status, because letting your best player walk without getting anything in return worked out so well for Cleveland

5) Al Jefferson and Paul Milsap are both still with the Jazz, because no one has told Utah's management that unrestricted free agents do not willingly hang out with Mormons unless you wildly overpay them

4) The Sixers traded for Golden State's third-string point guard (Charles Jenkins), who will team up with Jannero Pargo and Royal Ivey to make the team the first in NBA history with three third-string point guards and  no second-stringer

3) If you didn't recognize any of the names involved in these trades, that's fine, neither did the players involved in these trades

2) The Lakers held tight with a roster entirely composed of aging and ineffective on the ball defenders, but that's OK, because Kobe Bryant guaranteed they'd make the playoffs anyway, knowing how the NBA works

1) This was the biggest game of Pass The Trash you've seen outside of a loose home poker game

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