Monday, February 18, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from President Obama playing golf with Tiger Woods

Reminder: The President Is Half White
10) When you don't have to worry about getting re-elected ever again, hanging out with an infamous adulterer isn't that big of a problem

9) Given Woods' income tax bracket, the news item here isn't that he played with the President, it's that he accepted the invite

8) It's probably for the best that they didn't leave together, and that Woods didn't get to meet the President's daughters

7) The fact that the President played golf on a Saturday during a three-day weekend will, we are relatively sure, cause many to pule about his work ethic

6) The foursome included the owners of the Houston Astros, which is a probably as close as that team is getting to a front-page story on ESPN this year

5) Obama also spent eight hours with Woods' former swing coach, so we're reasonably certain that he's serious about this golf habit

4) There's no truth to the rumor that Obama made the invite just so he could get Woods on his email list and hit him up for contributions, but you will be forgiven for suspecting otherwise

3) This is further proof, not that you needed, that all of the half-black power guys know and hang out together

2) If this is news to the First Lady, it's probably not a good sign for many countries in the Middle East that are hoping for less drone attention

1) It's somewhat telling to Woods' still radioactive PR problem that Obama let himself be photographed shooting a gun, but not hanging out with him

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