Thursday, March 28, 2013

And That, Kids, Is That For A Little While

Sadly, Not Compensated
In roughly 17 to 19 hours, my car will back out of my driveway. Fifteen to twenty hours after that, it will stop for the last time at a resort in Orlando, where my wife, kids and niece will spend the better part of a week in weather that does not suck. This is something of a big deal for us, especially since the kids are old enough that I have dreams of the car ride not sucking, and being able to do the vast majority of it while they sleep. (I have such dreams.)

It will be the first real vacation that I take in a year, and as usual with these things, I have no real idea what it will do the posting schedule. I'll have the computer with me, of course, and probably catch a few games and stuff while recovering from theme park fun... but if you don't see anything posted for a week, that is why.

In the meantime, please click the ads (theme parks are absurdly expensive) and patronize the other fine blogs listed in the roll. And enjoy the week, which I'm told some of the kids refer to as Spring Break. I'm sure no one will think of going to Orlando but us.

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