Monday, March 4, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Angles shorted Mike Trout

Run Hard Or Get Fined
A historic season for the reigning Rookie of the Year gained the player a whopping $20K above the minimum contract. Why did the Angels treat their prized player on the cheap?

10) Aren't sure that he'll be able to stay in the lineup

9) Not confident they'll be able to continue masking his PED usage in the long run

8) Have to economize where they can when you've got that Vernon Wells contract

7) Could have a sophomore slump and become just a top 10 outfielder

6) Consulted a fortune teller and found out about that awful ACL problem in four months

5) Already selling PPV rights to his future arbitration hearing

4) He's a great player and all, but he does nothing to help sell Rally Monkeys

3) Keeping his salary under Bryce Harper is the only way to keep him motivated

2) As their history shows, someone else's star is always more attractive than their own

1) It's not like he was the MVP

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