Monday, March 4, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Niners aren't resigning Randy Moss

The mic work is the last thing to go
10) Somehow think they can do better than a 37-year-old coming off a 28/434/3 year

9) Michael Crabtree is really looking forward to having a second WR on the team that tries

8) Somehow remember him short-arming an INT in the Super Bowl

7) Need to open a spot up for the shocking return of Terrell Owens, and yes, Terrell did pay me to write that

6) Didn't take too kindly to his Super Bowl week media effort to make the game about something other than Harbaughs and Ray Lewis

5) Vernon Davis just realized that some of the balls thrown towards Owens could have been his

4) Want to help him reach his goal of breaking J.T. O'Sullivan's record for playing for the most NFL teams

3) I was going to add another reason here, but in honor of the Moss work ethic, I'm just going to half-ass it

2) By the lifelong math, he's just days away from an arrest, lawsuit or incident

1) Team now has the understanding that they really could win a Super Bowl, and since no team with Moss on it has ever done that, kind of a no-brainer, really

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