Monday, March 4, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the NRA is sponsoring a NASCAR race in Texas

Pit Row Just Got Darkly Fun
10) Hoping to provide protection against some of the more temper tantrum-y drivers

9) For the highly influential PR in blogs like this one

8) Just have all kinds of money to spend now that every gun fan is stocking up post-Newtown

7) Somehow feel safe enough to make a public political stand in Texas

6) Wanted to make sure that NASCAR looked neutral on the issue after raising money for the Sandy Hook families

5) Looking to make that whole claim that regulating gun ownership leads to confiscation, just like how regulating auto ownership has led to confiscation

4) Everyone in the crowd is already packing, so better to just make it official

3) Only way to keep that uppity Danica Patrick in line

2) Only way to keep that uppity Darrell Wallace Jr. in line

1) Adds a certain Mideastern level of excitement and suspense to the victory celebration

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