Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Top 10 reasons why Von Miller predicted his Broncos will win the Super Bowl next year

The rules say someone's gotta go
10) He knows that no other team is going to be all that interested in going to play a game outdoors in New Jersey in February

9) Peyton Manning has used up all of his game-ending INTs

8) Predicting a first round exit doesn't exactly send the best message

7) Wasn't pinned down on what he'd do to make it up to disappointed Bronco fans if this somehow doesn't happen

6) Wanted to see if he could move the gambling line, or get anyone to listen to the Colin Cowherd show

5) Has it on firm authority that Rahim Moore has been terminated with extreme prejudice

4) Somehow likes his team's chances, given that they are in a division with three teams that would be under .500 in the SEC

3) Understands that by the simple practice of math, he's going to have 25.5 sacks next year, and go 18-0 in a 16-game season

2) Any team with Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno as their #1 RBs has to just keep getting better and better

1) He was inspired by his younger cousin coming out of a coma despite the lack of Tebow Touch

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