Monday, March 18, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from Greg Raymer's soliciting a prostitute arrest

OK, I can see why he's paying for it
Raymer, in case you don't watch televised poker, is the 2004 World Series of Poker main event winner. He was also known as "Fossil Man' for his choice of novelty eyewear when he's in a hand, but now he's going to be famous for the snarkiest New York Daily News lede ("Clearly, he was not happy with his hand") ever. That, and these ten other points...

10) No pimps or whores were arrested, which tells you where the priorities of the Wake Forest, NC police are in re stopping the crime

9) Earlier reports that the sex was homosexual in nature were wrong, which means the lazy comedy nature of this story is now mostly limited to poker

8) Between this, the 2012 elections and the existence of Duke and UNC, you are excused for giving the entire state a big miss

7) No word on whether Raymer was in the big or small blind, if you catch our drift

6) This brings a whole new sad meaning to the desire to see the flop

5) Given the amount of money he's made in his poker career, not to mention his weight, the most telling point about this is that Raymer's kind of a nit when it comes to paying for his entertainment

4) Clearly, this is never going to come up at the table for Raymer for more than, well, the rest of his life

3) Raymer is, or was, married with child, so this could get very expensive very quickly

2) This probably wasn't the kind of bust out that he was looking to achieve

1) We are shocked, shocked, to find professional poker players engaged in something sordid

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