Friday, March 22, 2013

Top 10 takeaways from Harvard winning an NCAA tournament game

Verily, I Am Enthused
10) Clearly, this is all Jeremy Lin's fault

9) Everyone in the Ivy League can stop hearing about how Princeton almost won that one time

8) New Mexico becomes the first of dozens of teams to totally screw you over in your bracket

7) Clearly, the Crimson were motivated by alum Barack Obama's failure to believe in them

6) People are really going to remember this for at least a full day

5) You'll forgive Arizona, who will meet the Crimson next, for widespread giggling and high fives

4) It's just nice that those poor kids from Harvard got to have a nice memory before a lifetime of professional frustration and low expectations

3) Despite the fact that something like this happens every year, we're going to hear about how crazy unpredictable things are now

2) With Cal also winning as a 12 seed, it's clearly time for a new era in nerd rule in college hoop

1) Finally, Harvard alumni will have a reason to feel good about their choice of college, and a reason to mention where they went to school

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