Sunday, April 28, 2013

FTT Off-Topic: A Brief And Obvious Point About Cutting Spending

Oh Noes
 If the federal debt is such a big deal... then giving up mail on Saturdays and having the nation's swells who fly have to wait longer due to fewer TSA workers should not be such a big deal, right?

Ah, but that would involve thinking beyond your own life, or not thinking that your own needs and day might not be the most paramount importance. Which isn't how humans are wired at all, really, and it also makes the individual have to actually believe in something that we never really believe...

That is, that the national debt is something of actual importance to us as individuals, or that we would ever seen any benefit, again as individuals, from having it paid off.

Seriously, what do you expect would happen if the debt were gone, perhaps through the U.S. emergence as a petrochemical power via fracking, or maybe some other energy source? Do you think we'd all stop having to pay income tax, or that Social Security benefits would double, or that everyone's take-home pay would get a boost? And if so, can I interest you in some Internet stock, or at least get you to come to my poker game?

But, well, we've fixed the airline delay issue, but not the myriad number of other points unaddressed by the sequestor. Says something about our priorities, no?

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