Monday, April 29, 2013

Top 10 NBA Playoff Takeaways

Heat Check Face
10) The Spurs were so much better than the Lakers, even the presence of Tracy McGrady on the roster couldn't stop them from sweeping into the second round

9) Jason Terry prevented the Knicks from sweeping the Celtics, and Boston Fan from pretending that they don't still watch basketball

8) Brooklyn blew a fourth quarter lead against the Bulls so badly, their fans reacted in a sincere and non-ironic manner

7 Dwight Howard decided to leave the Spurs sweep early via technical, rather than later via blowout, to prove to Laker Fan that he can be just like Andrew Bynum after all

6) Everyone who has been pining for Kevin Durant to play selfishly forgot all about this desire as the Thunder nearly gave up a huge Game 3 lead to an outgunned Rocket squad

5) Miami gave Dwyane Wade the day off and still won Game 4 going away

4) Brandon Jennings still thinks the Bucks can win their series against the Heat in eight

3) In the time it took you to read this, Stephen Curry just hit another three pointer

2) That "Everyone in the lower bowl gets a free shirt to wear to make the television shot better" thing has become more or less expected now

1) We were just a single point in regulation from the Lakers and Celtics both getting swept in the first round on the same day, which would have then been known as The Greatest Day In NBA History

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