Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Top 10 reasons why Kevin Kolb said he signed with the Bills to “Win the Super Bowl. Period.”

Here To Win Games And Bust Guts
10) Wanted to give Matt Hasselbeck a good chance of living down that overtime remark

9) Knew he'd really have to bring it from Day One if he was going to have any chance to live up to the very high Unintentional Comedy standards set by Trent Edwards, J.P. Losman and Ryan Fitzpatrick

8) Really thinks highly of Geno Smith and/or Ryan Nassib, and is looking forward to holding a clipboard in their presence

7) Let's just say that Kevin doesn't recover from concussions very quickly, and also needs to use safety scissors

6) Believes that any franchise that signs him and Tarvaris Jackson has to be absolutely loaded at every other position, since they clearly aren't spending any money at QB

5 )This is all just Phase 2 of that incredible deal he and his agent made with the Horned One

4) Knows math, and by the sheer odds of it all, Buffalo is clearly due to win a Super Bowl any minute now

3) Believes that since he's been able to “play at this level, here and there, throughout my career – two or three games at a time” that he can clearly win a Super Bowl, since that only involves winning a few games in a row, Eli Manning style

2) Just watched Joe Flacco win a Super Bowl, so honestly, how hard could it be

1) Won $5 in a pre-interview bet with an equipment manager that he could say that during his press conference without breaking character

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