Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Top 10 reasons why the Spurs signed Tracy McGrady

Jersey Number Seven, And Counting
10) Needed a fresh bitter old guy, since Stephen Jackson had passed his expiration date

9) Will add to the self confidence of the rest of the bench players, who will enjoy blowing past him in practice

8) His 25/7/5 in the Chinese Basketball Association totally translates to the NBA, provided you are sniffing glue

7) Want to make sure that a first round loss to the Rockets cause their fans to fall over with the irony of it all

6) Anybody who's on his seventh team, and fifth in five years, stands a good chance of being able to give you inside information on whoever the opposing team is

5) Any time you can add a guy who used to be an All Star, then lost his athleticism but not his ego, you pretty much have to do that

4) After watching Gregg Popovich rehabilitate Boris Diaw, had to give him a fresh challenge

3) Half of this roster is over 30, so signing T-Mac is something of a youth movement

2) There's one game left in the regular season, which is plenty of time to teach him all of their sets, plays, and how to play defense

1) Really want to lose in the first round to get rest for their aging stars, and there's no better guy to ensure that than to employ the most famous Guy To Never Win A Playoff Series

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